Analysis and pro-active practice are the core elements of our business. We treat every situation unique in order to provide our clients with the most effective solutions.

There are three essential steps to our consultation process: analysis, representation of interests and communication.

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When you want to implement an idea, you have to know which particular authorities, organisations or other actors have the necessary competences and influence on your issue. We help our customers to identify the relevant parties, determine their position with respect to the key issues and establish contacts. Identification, analysis and communication with intetested parties can make a substantial difference in how the company’s interests are made known and taken into account.

It is very important for the business companies to be able to predict Government's behaviour. We believe that it is vital to understand the framework in order to monitor Government's initiatives appropriately. By using time-proven methods we can provide an effective monitoring of important initiatives and advise our clients on Government's plans in the fields relevant to their business.

Systematic assessment of information and cutting-edge insights on certain public policy issues help our clients to deepen their understanding of the situation and make evidence-based decisions.

In our opinion a transparent business that creates surplus value is the basis for country‘s economic growth. However, for this to happen business has to be provided with appropriate conditions and reasonable regulation. META offers lobbying services to our clients whose activities are significantly influenced by the Government's decisions. We are among the most active lobby groups achieving the highest results in Lithuania. While representing our clients in the legislation we justify our position in a reasoned way. We bring private interests in line with public interests and make contacts with those who adopt decisions.

META is aware that sometimes authorities or other interested parties take sudden initiatives that are not always favourable to the business environment. We believe that our professional and strategically planned steps can assist our clients to react properly and "cath the leaving train".

We have worked with associations representing various business sectors for many years. Our experience shows that an association of business companies engaged in similar activities is one of the most effective ways to represent that business sector. We offer an association management service, which covers both the resolution of important strategic issues and handling of the day-to-day affairs. Representation of interests through the association helps to reduce costs, because they are divided among all the members of the association.

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META provides communication services helping our clients to operate in different sectors and attain desired targets. We believe that communication plays a fundamental role in business lifecycle.

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Apart from public affairs consultancy and lobbying services META offers strategic communication solutions for public, media and government relations. We also help our clients to implement social responsability projects ensuring positive image building among the relevant stakeholders.  

We believe in strategic communication planning and do not underestimate the importance of skilful text writing. Our team’s expertise and contact networks enable us to be reliable partners for our clients and to deliver against set objectives.

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