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The Lithuanian media sector is undergoing key changes both due to the new initiatives of Government authorities and due to the ongoing technological evolution. While representing the interests of one of the biggest Lithuanian television stations META has protected broadcasters by ensuring the smooth transition from analogue to digital television.

Our collaboration with Lithuanian televisions has helped us to achieve clearer regulation of the protection of minors from negative information. META has also ensured that the discriminatory provision, which made it obligatory for televisions and radio stations to allow programmes to be retransmitted by re-broadcasters was eliminated. The re-broadcasters, who retransmitted the programmes, used to impose an additional charge on consumers for these rights to rebroadcast programmes.

In addition, we have initiated reform of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission, which has ensured more transparent activity of this authority and a greater responsibility towards the Parliament. This has also decreased the financial burden for broadcasters as regards the funding of the activity of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission. 

META was actively involved in transposing the provisions of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive into the new Law on Provision of Information to the Public. Besides, in collaboration with one of the largest re-broadcasters and the public sector institutions, META reached balanced changes in aforementioned Law. The amendments expanded the competence of Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission to fight against illegal content distribution in the retransmitted programmes. It also assured clear and reasonable control mechanism at the same time avoiding unreasoned licensing and additional administrative burden for the business.

META has worked on better business conditions for telecommunication enterprises and has represented the interests of all the biggest mobile operators in their relations with government authorities.

We helped to attain transparency in Lithuania's radio frequencies auction – we assured that the criteria provided were clear and consistent with the public interest, not creating exceptional conditions for some of the market participants. Also META was the first to prepare the special plan for distributing basic digital radio stations in the territory of Vilnius City Municipality. 

Besides, our company was engaged in the work against strict health requirements of the electromagnetic field, which was inhibiting the technological development of mobile networks. Also we have protected the rights of school communities to decide on the basic radio station equipment in the territories of educational institutions.

Similarly, META defends the interests of other market participants in the broadcasting of television programmes against the discriminatory and monopolist actions of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre.

META consults business companies having interests in the health-care sector.

While representing a leading medical company in the Baltic States, META aimed to establish a bank of blood donor specimens: this would allow individual samples to be checked and would thus ensure safer blood transfusions.

In cooperation with Lithuania's leading private university, META ensured equal conditions for all the institutions of higher education to receive the state aid for research and students’ scholarships.

META also helped to attain a better representation of interests of private universities at the governmental institutions which regulate the education sector.

META has considerable experience in all sectors of the financial services industry. We are equipped to represent customers both in their relations with authorities and with other market participants.

META has worked in the field of insolvency and bankruptcy of natural persons for the biggest Lithuanian bank. When unreasonably rigorous regulation on small consumer loan has been initiated, we have identified relevant parties‘ positions and established contacts, which made a substantial difference to how the company’s interests were made known and taken into account. META has also initiated the amendments of legal regulations, which were aimed at protecting the interests of shareholders of small cooperatives and ensuring fair remuneration for their shares. META has provided consultancy services to a client in its negotiations with the financial authorities and has helped to prepare for the first public offer of shares (IPO) at the Warszawa Stock Exchange.

META has a wide experience in the management of associations. META‘s partner is a longstanding Director of the Association of Lithuanian Insurers and one of the main insurance market experts in Lithuania.

We work in partnership with the largest organization uniting individual enterprises and business associations in Lithuania. The cooperation assures more effective representation of our clients' interests and communication with the public authorities.

META recently implemented the organizational reform of the association uniting the largest soft drinks manufacturers and distributors in Lithuania. Our strategic actions not only increased the efficiency and visibility of the organization, but also assured development of the relations with the public sector.

While collaborating with the biggest association of Lithuanian traders, we blocked the disproportionate and discriminatory restrictions of trade nets. In addition, META has analyzed the funding of the European Union roads sector and perspectives of different Lithuanian road enterprises to contribute to the development of the Lithuanian road network in a new financial perspective.

META has represented the interests of customers in the agriculture sector who sought more favourable state control and sensible legislation.

META has protected the interests of the biggest Lithuanian farmers to dispose of their land without any restrictions in a free way.

 META represented the interests of the biggest Lithuanian publishing house with the aim of blocking the implementation of unjustified Government initiatives. During the global economic crisis, META defended the publishing sector and managed to protect the 9 per cent VAT exemption.

META assists its customers in the field of information technologies and engineering solutions with the purpose to establish favourable conditions to reach their business goals.

META represented one of the biggest engineering solutions enterprises in Lithuania in its exchanges with Government and protected the interests of the enterprise from non-transparent influence in public tender processes.

META contributed to the expansion of innovative ridesharing services in Lithuania. We helped the largest ridesharing company to enter the market and develop relations with the state authorities.

The Lithuanian advertising sector is constantly meeting new requirements and initiatives to limit the content of advertisements. We represent the companies when they encounter issues related to the regulation of advertisements.

In collaboration with Lithuanian television stations, META has protected the media from a complete ban of alcohol commercials on TV and blocked the implementation of unjustified requirement to limit commercials from pharmaceutical companies. In addition, thanks to META, political commercials have found their way back to TV screens.

When Government authorities had doubts about the broadcasting of the commercial of a global food manufacturer, META defended its right to free and non-discriminatory advertisement of its products. Besides, we cooperated with the association uniting soft drink companies and helped to protect the business from disproportional secondary legislation on energy drink advertising.

META represents a number of the biggest Lithuanian and international food industry manufacturers who value our abilities to use balanced and substantiated arguments and skills to form new partnerships.

By representing the biggest manufacturer of energy drinks, META has blocked the resolution limiting the sale of energy drinks. META has also blocked the discriminating labelling of products produced in Lithuania.

We work alongside the pharmaceutical industry to draft legal acts with the aim of having them implemented. The pharmaceutical sector is especially dependent on the state regulation framework, thus representation of the interests of this business sector is necessary for successful development and protection of the public interest.

META has represented one of the biggest companies in the industry. During the collaboration it tried to establish a more transparent vaccination compensation framework in Lithuania. Such a framework would also ensure more effective use of state funds and would encourage greater uptake of vaccines.

Along with the largest pharmaceutical companies representing organization META carried out a study on working time regulation in the pharmaceutical sector. Its purpose was to evaluate the possibilities to eliminate obsolete and discriminatory provisions.

META represents the Lithuanian energy sector by aiming to protect it from new administrative and political pressures and controls.

META has extensive experience in representing the biggest Lithuanian enterprise in this field. Our work involved protecting shareholders of this enterprise when disposing of shares. META has also ensured that the maximum amount of strategic oil and fuel resources is stored in Lithuania, thus safeguarding the interests of Lithuanian energy. By contributing to elimination of the provisions assuring exclusive advantage to certain market players, META ensured equal business conditions and fair competition in the fuel market.

META has provided consultancy services to several large aviation enterprises, whose activities demand interdisciplinary collaboration and strategic communication.

META has assisted in the establishment of competition in fuel-provision services at Vilnius Airport. We have represented the interests of one of the biggest aviation companies in its negotiations with the Government and have protected the interests of the national carrier against the dishonest and discriminating actions of competitors.

META protects the interests of the gambling sector. We have provided consultancy services to a participant in the gambling industry in his interactions with state authorities.

As part of its activities in this sector META has represented one of the biggest gambling enterprises and defended the ‘games of chance’ sector from the disproportionate control of the state and has ensured greater protection of minors from the negative influence of ‘games of chance’.

META has represented tobacco enterprises in the face of new regulations and in their fight against smuggling of cigarettes.

In its work with one of the biggest tobacco products manufacturers, META has contributed to the implementation of a balanced policy of excise duty on tobacco and the decrease of smuggled tobacco products in Lithuania.

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